New And Improved 2016 Quail N Dove Caddys Are Now In Stock And Ready To Ship .  I Think You Will Like The New Line Up. Order Yours Now !


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My Quail N Dove Caddy is the most versatile hunting accessory you will ever own. You will love it and you have my word on it." 

Wade F Carter



Quail N Dove Caddy Waist ViewQuail N Dove Caddy Quality Features

             Made of tough 600 denier synthetic fabric.

             Cross-stitched at load points for extra strength.

             Inside seams finished to prevent unraveling.

             Vinyl lined game pouch to resist staining.

             Elastic shock cord closure on game pouch.

             Game pouch removable for use as sport shooting shell bag.

             Payload capacity 3.5 lbs.

             Heavy duty, quick release buckle.

             Webbing belt adjustable for waist size 34" to 44".

             30oz translucent water bottles with insulated holders.

             Velcro closure shell pouches prevents accidental spilling of shells.

             Velcro tabs for securing utility tool, knife, or other accessories.

             Outer mesh pockets on shell pouches to store your bird call, sun screen or other personal items.

             Offered in Desert Tan, Desert Tan w/Blaze Trim, All Blaze or Woodland Camo colors.



A Word About My Quail N Dove Caddy


The Quail N Dove Caddy is different.  It's not your typical hunting vest or strap vest.  Nor is it a game bag, or shell bag in the strictest sense.  It is much more than that.  It may best be described as all of these things wrapped into one.   It is the ultimate in an upland bird hunter’s utilitarian tool.  My bag also makes a great tool for Squirrel Hunters and Rabbit Hunters too.  It has all the features that upland hunters need to make their day in the field more comfortable and enjoyable.  Best of all the Quail N Dove Caddy at $69.00 is priced well enough, without sacrificing quality, to appeal to just about any uplander.


Quail N Dove Caddy Features



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